Lowkal is a revolutionary calorie-management company founded in 2008, based in Bangalore. We develop healthy foods for modern lifestyle.

With changing food and work habits your body is taxed over a period of time. Lowkal tries to counter this through carefully developed food choices, bringing you back to good health and restoring the vigor in your life. Lowkal products are now a part of everyday-life for many, and a must for some.



To be recognized as a global calorie-management brand.



To develop and provide healthy food-related choices that everyone can benefit from. Our vision is that such choices should become an integral part of our everyday life.

  • Vinod Sadashivaiah

    Vinod is a first-generation entrepreneur and an approved pharmacist by profession. He has over 15 years of hardcore experience in the pharmaceutical industry. He remembers fondly and with deep gratitude his father, who was a Central Government employee pushed him into this sector.

    Vinod always nurtured a dream to make it big. He explored his maiden business venture at the age of 25, along with four of his college friends. He started ‘Dot Pharma’ on borrowed money, outsourced production of his own pharma brands, and did his marketing along with friends as a team. Dot Pharma was a runaway success and out of the earnings he opened his own production plant ‘Wegen Pharmulation’ in Bangalore. It was the first exclusive antibiotic SSI facility in the state of Karnataka. He did flourishing business as a contract manufacturer to major pharmaceutical companies in India and was encouraged in his business belief. However, change in governmental policies lead to the migration of industries to northern states, where the government was offering various incentives. As a result he lost his competitive edge and continued to operate from Bangalore, developing sustainable new ideas.

    In 2008 he conceived brand Lowkal with a vision to design calorie-management products. He firmly believes in this concept and found support from his co-promoter.

    Vinod’s dream is to position the Lowkal brand as a global leader in the calorie-management category. A keen listener with a penchant for ideation, Vinod is ever open to new ideas. He loves his family, and his family is firmly behind him in his dream projects. His wife is a great support for him at every step.

    Energetic and action-ready, Vinod was a national volleyball player.

  • Kulin Patel

    Kulin has been building trusted relationships across the globe, having spent over 17 years advising the largest companies on their people-related challenges and financial opportunities. At present he is Director at Towers Watson, a multinational financial risk and HR consulting firm.

    Through an illustrious stint at large MNCs in UK, Canada and India, Kulin has always felt inspired to run businesses. He has been involved in various ventures ranging from the hospitality industry to healthcare. Kulin moved to India in 2008 after growing up, studying and working in UK and Canada. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries (UK and India), a postgraduate in Actuarial Science, and he also holds a B.Sc. in Economics and Accountancy.

    Kulin has a young family that keeps his energy levels high and is a sports fanatic, following every sport you can imagine... especially football.

  • Yogendra Patel

    Yogendra Patel, co-promoter/founder, science postgraduate, associated with various businesses as promoter and in administrative role. Based in UK/India and also active in varied businesses, thru UK associates, in West Africa, Middle East and USA, since 1969.

    Having spent most of his working life in business he has involvements in various and varied fields, which included all phases of Industries and commercial aspects from manufacturing to retail, exports and logistics, in Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Chemicals, Electronic components, Film Rights/distribution, Hospitality, Retirement Home, Education and Property sector.

    Patel shares, with his co-promoter/founder, vision and the dream to apex brand Lowkal, at much greater heights in calorie-management products globally.

    At his every work place he has been able to enhance an extended family scenario with all his colleagues at every level, and with added much needed support from families and friends alike, for which he is thankful, as he believes that helped him a lot in achieving target driven tasks, all thru his life.

    Sports being his second nature, he knew the much needed values of calorie-management. He had very active participations in sports at University level, and played Badminton, Hockey, Cricket and Football. Still enjoys playing Badminton at social clubs.

    Has always been an active member of Jaycees, Rotary Club, Education Trust, Health Trust, Charitable Trust and other Community and Cultural organisations.

  • Professor Nandini Vaidyanathan

    Prof. Nandini is a traveling teacher who teaches entrepreneurship in several ivy-league business schools around the world. From being just a word in the dictionary a few years ago, it has now consumed her whole being.

    After 20 years in the corporate sector, working in MNCs on all inhabited continents, she began mentoring entrepreneurs when she came back to India in 2005. She founded CARMa (Creating Access to Resources & Markets, www.carmaconnect.in) with the lofty aim of building a vibrant entrepreneurial habitat in India, so that it becomes easy for people to become entrepreneurs. CARMa mentors startups, mature enterprises and family businesses. As on date CARMa has mentored over 1,500 entrepreneurs! It has also been involved in mentoring women to scale from livelihood enterprises to opportunity-based and profitable organizations in Afghanistan, South and East Africa and India.

    Prof. Nandini writes a regular monthly column for the Entrepreneur magazine. It delights her no end that it is from smaller towns that aspiring and practicing entrepreneurs reach out to her for mentoring after reading her columns.

    She is a TED speaker.

    She was recently named Business Woman of the year by Business Goa. Prof. Nandini’s book Entrepedia: a step by step guide to becoming an entrepreneur in India, has sold over two million copies since its launch in 2011. The book will be available shortly in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil and Malayalam to reach a wider audience.

    A trained Carnatic classical singer, Prof. Nandini is an ace at cooking and in entertaining people.


Our philosophy

Lowkal believes in spreading happiness through researched and clinically-proven lifestyle choices, with the commitment to spread 100% health, 100% life.


Our values

Five watchwords characterize the value system at Lowkal.

  • 1. Trust: To stick to ethics, integrity and honesty in everything we do and thus build trusted relationships.
  • 2. Clear: To be clear and visionary in our thinking and use this clarity to power us to success.
  • 3. Innovative: To forever research and develop newer products and to have a radical approach in everything we do.
  • 4. Lifestyle choice: To make products that combine health with desirability of use, and thus become a part of our consumers lifestyle.
  • 5. Enable happiness: To evoke and spread happiness amongst our customers.