Health Benefits of Playing Sports


Playing vigorous sports and games offers many health benefits ! Read on to know more..

1. A Sports “High”

It’s the high to beat all other “kicks”. Sports scores over everything else used to attain an euphoric state, and is safer and healthier. And the bonus? You could get hopelessly addicted to the sports and exercise highs.

2. More Serotonin, Less Depression

Sports beats the blues more effectively than anti-depressant medications. This is because working out releases a chemical called “serotonin” that is a “feel good” substance that improves mood.

3. Mental Alertness

There is no second opinion about this one. Working out makes you stay mentally alert throughout the day. The boring boardroom meeting, the yawn inspiring presentation or the brainstorming sessions without the brains working, can all become passé when you hit the gym or the road!

4. Ward Off Brain Degenerating Diseases

Our brain has an area called the hippocampus where new nerve cells grow. This is also the area associated with memory and learning, both of which decline as we age, and in degenerating conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Sports increases the production of a brain protecting protein called BDNF in the hippocampus, which preserves brain cells and promotes the growth of new nerves , which boosts both memory and learning.

5. Improved Immunity

A good work out results in an increase of the natural body defense system, called killer T cells by 50% to 300% which reduce the number of times you get attacked by cold viruses.

6. Boosts Libido

Playing sports improves blood circulation to the genital organs. Besides, it releases “endorphins” that improves mood and energy levels. An increased libido along with a toned body and weight loss are the-not-to-complain-about side effects of Sports !

7. A Definite Cure for Insomnia

A study done on sleep deprived people found that vigorous aerobic activity five times a week for five weeks resulted not only in a weight loss of close to 3 kilos , but resulted in all of them sleeping like babies at the end of the study period. The brain receives a signal that it is time to wind down and sleep when the body temperature drops to normal levels after a few hours of exercising.

8. Creativity Unleashed

Professor Lorenza Colzato, cognitive psychologist studied the effect of Sports on creativity and concluded that those who involved in Sports for four times a week were able to think more creatively than those with a more sedentary lifestyle. So, if you ever hit the writer’s block or the artist’s dilemma, you know what to do!

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