Consumers speak

Customers speak about how they have benefited from Lowkal.  Read more as they share their feedback.

“I have been using Lowkal for 3 years now. It was introduced to me by my son who is a doctor. I’m diabetic and I enjoy the taste of Lowkal.”

- Mr. Anjaneyulu, 45 years, Bangalore.

“I would say Lowkal is an equivalent of sugar. I don’t feel any change in taste. What’s more, I feel energetic throughout the day!”

- Ms. Chiummy, 35 years, Chennai.

“I used to add other sugar alternatives, but two years back I was introduced to Lowkal by my physiotherapist. I loved the taste of Lowkal and I’m continuing the same.”

- Mr. N G Srinivasan, 50 years, Bangalore.

“I just can’t have tea or coffee without sugar, but then I don’t want to use sugar. That’s when I was introduced to Lowkal by my husband’s friend Mr. Chandrappa. Now I use only Lowkal and love the sweetness. It makes me feel healthy.”

- Ms. Veena Joshi, 35 years, Hubli.

“My dietitian recommended that I use Lowkal. I’ve been using it for about a year now. Earlier I regularly used sugar, but now I get the same taste with Lowkal!”

- Mr. Lakshminarayan, 40 years, Bangalore.

“I am 74 and I do love your brand.”

- Ms. M Mallika Kamaraj, 74 years, Bangalore.

Consumers speak about Lowkal Stevia

“It’s as natural as sugar, without the ill-effects of sugar!”

- P K K Nair, Government Employee

“Lowkal Stevia is so safe, you can add all you like without ever worrying about calories.”

- Meghna Mathur, Housewife

“My husband is slightly over-weight, but I’m sure Stevia will help him manage his weight.”

- Ritu Dhingra, BPO Employee

“I hate compromising with food. Now I don’t have to, even with diabetes.”

- Sridhar, Businessman