Month: June 2015

Yoga As a Way of Life!

Yoga as a way of life

Yoga is now a routine prescription from doctors, fitness trainers and expert nutritionists! You would often hear from friends and family that yoga helped control stress, blood pressure or improve flexibility, and so on. And many researchers, especially in the U.S. are now conducting extensive studies to determine the many health benefits of yoga. Indeed, some have been also evidenced. Continue reading

Why Kids Need Fiber Rich Foods!

Why kids need fiber rich foods !

Fiber is as important as water to the body, and perhaps more! Endowed with many health virtues, fiber plays a major role in preventing many chronic lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, cancer, inflammation and so on. Getting enough fiber is very crucial for children and adults alike. Not surprisingly, all foods that are rich in fiber are also great sources of other nutrients, making it a complete health package! Continue reading